‘I cannot say how massively you have helped my daughter overcome her anxiety. After suffering from the effects of being bullied she became so anxious that just to walk into the school and even see pupils in the school uniform caused her to breakdown and become so anxious that she couldn’t physically cope any more.

One lazy Sunday I googled Hypnotherapy and saw your details and decided to bring her along. I really don’t think that we thought it would work but we were desperate to try anything. How wrong we were. After the initial consultation and 3 sessions she is back at school and coping with seeing the students that she had the problem with. She is so much happier in herself and handles everyday problems much better also. The change is drastic…it’s amazing.

I would highly recommend this therapy to anyone, we cannot thank you enough. Katie is a lovely, gentle lady who puts you at ease straight away. Thank you, thank you, thank you.’

‘Katie has helped me to lose 12.5 pounds in 8 weeks. Thanks to Katie I have completely gone off sugary foods and junk food, I am eating healthy foods and drinking lots of water (which I have never even liked before and now I enjoy it). Katie is fantastic at her job and I highly recommend her for any help you need.’

‘I would not hesitate in recommending Katie to anyone for hypnotherapy treatment. I was very sceptical about the treatment working and was very reluctant to try. My only previous experience of hypnosis was what I’d seen on TV. Katie’s sessions couldn’t be further removed from this. I saw Katie as I was suffering with stress and anxiety which was work-related. I had been on medication to try to address the issue for some time which was only masking the problem and not solving it.

After 8 sessions with Katie I was much happier and relaxed at work. I would even go as far as saying I enjoy going to work again. It has been a really long time since I felt like this. The first session was so informative and helped me understand why I felt like I did. The other sessions helped me to relax but most importantly got me to focus on the positives. I can’t thank Katie enough for how much she has done for me.’

‘I cannot recommend Katie Pugh enough. At first I was a little apprehensive but Katie’s professional but friendly approach put me totally at ease. The feeling of dread and anxiety that which I had suffered with for years lifted after just a couple of times meeting with Katie. After just a couple of sessions I generally felt much more relaxed and optimistic. Katie has made a massive difference to my life and has given me the skills to deal with any feelings of anxiety I may experience. I will be forever grateful for the help which Katie has given me.’

‘Just wanted to leave Katie a review. I saw her for help with my motivation for losing weight and in particular help to stop snacking. I have been amazed and impressed with what she has managed to do. I had 8 sessions and in that time went from hopeless chocolate addict to healthy eater. It was a really therapeutic, supportive and surprisingly enjoyable experience. I have re-joined Weight Watchers and have lost weight every week for 6 weeks. A mini-miracle for me! Thanks Katie Pugh’

‘I was skeptical of hypnotherapy when I first started my treatments, but Katie’s soft nature and professionalism made me feel at ease. She clearly explained the theory behind hypnotherapy which was very helpful. I believe Katie and hypnotherapy have allowed me to gain confidence and motivation towards weight loss and exercise. I can’t recommend her highly enough.’
(Since our hypnotherapy sessions, Michelle has gone on to lose over 2 stone having taken up exercise and embarked on a fitness boot camp with Nikki – see below)

‘I saw Katie around 8 times through July and August, I was bit nervous but thought I would give it a chance and I’m so glad I did! Katie has a very friendly manner and explained how everything worked. Since the hypnotherapy I have embarked on a new fitness plan and lost 1 stone 4 pounds so far, I really believe that I wouldn’t have had the motivation to do this without the help of Katie, my evening eating habits have completely changed, I no longer eat everything in sight and often go to bed without even thinking about snacking! Thank you so much for giving me a fantastic start to my weight loss journey.’
(Since our hypnotherapy sessions, Nikki has gone on to lose 3 stone having taken up exercise and embarked on a fitness boot camp with Michelle – see above)